Omar Ernesto Ramirez promoted his new single “Miedo”, even Alejandro Sanz listened to it

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The problem

He has no website, no marketing strategy to follow to achieve his goals, he only has an Instagram account and his Spotify profile.

His Instagram bio is not written to persuade the visitor to go listen to his new single “Miedo”, nor does it have a call to action or a link to his music.

He has recorded short snippets of his new single but is only uploading it to his Instagram account where most of the people following him are his family and friends and not his ideal audience.

El objetivo

Omar Ernesto wanted to give more visibility to his new single, he wanted his music to be heard by two types of age groups: adults from 25 to 45 years old and adults over 45 to 60 years old and to be present only for those who like Hip-Hop, Indie and other similar styles of music throughout America and Spain.

La solución

We created different ad campaigns, both in Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, for the reproduction of his single.

We segmented by age and bet on a Stories type ad, in which Omar came out encouraging his ideal audience to simply listen to his music.

One of these listeners was Alejandro Sanz, we also talked to one of his representatives and it is possible that in the future they will do a collaboration together.

The ad was directly redirected to the single “Miedo” on the Spotify platform.

With the help of the ads she also significantly increased her followers on Instagram.

El resultado

More than a thousand people listened to his new single “Miedo”, in which through Instagram he got new contacts and collaborations.

This gave him a boost to start his tour in different venues in the Dominican Republic and the United States.

It opened the doors to different important events.

He participated in the radio show of Grupo Adagio (@grupoadagio on Instagram), in the podcast Ostinato.

He was also nominated in the Dominican Republic Indie Awards, (@premiosindierd on Instagram).

"You are definitely a tough one at that bro🔥🔥🔥 It has been a wonderful experience working with you‼️And especially seeing the results thanks to the excellent marketing work you do 💯".