What do politicians, dentists, electricians, nutritionists, writers, athletes, musicians, chefs, therapists, architects, biologists, realtors, travelers have in common?

I created their website for them

I’m going to tell you a very brief story in case you are about to hire someone to make your website, maybe it can help you.


One of the last people I have worked with got someone to make his website for little money and it turns out that this person stole confidential information from his business and disappeared with his money, in addition to make a botched job on his website, something ugly, you know.


In short, he screwed up his life, for one simple reason: he wanted to save money, instead of looking for a real and efficient professional support, he listened to the first one who charged him the least possible. Very bad business.


If you are thinking of having a website made, look for a good web designer. Take my advice. It could be others or it could be me, but look for a good web designer.


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Awards won

Through my proactive approach, I achieved the project objectives efficiently, resulting in a satisfactory reward.
Official NORTIC Certificates of the Dominican e-Government

Between 2015 and 2016, I led the redesign project of the website of the Ministry of Environment of the Dominican Republic and its transparency portal.


The goal was to improve its functionality, web accessibility, optimize services to citizens and comply with e-Government.


The project obtained the official certification in public services, government portals, transparency, Social Network management, as well as other applications contained in the standard.


The redesign allowed for easier navigation by providing detailed information on environmental projects.


Interactive tools were even included, such as a map of national parks and a system to consult the status of ongoing projects.


Overall, the redesign of the website provided a more complete, useful and informative online experience for Dominican citizens interested in the environment.

The perfect web designer for your web project does not exist, you may spend days looking for which of all the proposals seduces you the most and, deciding which one to choose, can be quite an overwhelming task and it is not easy.


Let’s start with your website, regardless of whether your profession is on this list above or not.


I design turnkey websites in only 3 weeks.


I start from the design to the implementation, I include hosting, domain, I add your texts, I do the maintenance of the website and I leave it ready to go.


It is a service that takes care of all the technical aspects of your website so you can focus on what really matters, your business.

Baked Websites

The next one can be yours
Nutrition website
BúnkerRoto Blog
Bicycle website
Villa Sales Website
Dentists website
Travelers website


Where should we start?

Xavi Vall

I make your idea come true

I’m Xavi, an unusual web designer.


A client tells me that I listen to my heart, and I capture her essence when I create her website.


I make turnkey websites,

you tell me about the ideas you have and the nature of your business,

and I,

turn it into a design that transmits.


By having a professional that offers “turnkey”, you save a lot of time and stress, you solve everything in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build your website?

Trust my firm and guaranteed commitment to deliver your website ready in just 3 weeks.

Yes, I have a waiting list.

From 800€ you have it.

In no case I will do projects below that amount.

Moreover, your investment may be higher depending on what you need.


You have to sign three contracts.

  1. For the creation or redesign of the website.
  2. For the hosting and domain, it is a service included in the creation or redesign of the web page, the following year you pay annually.
  3. For the maintenance of the hosting server and web page.

Making a website with templates implies using a predefined and customizable structure, which facilitates the creation of the website.

They can facilitate the design process.

In addition, templates can be customized to suit the needs of the brand or company, such as adding logos, changing colors and adding specific content.

Another advantage is accessibility and compatibility with different devices and browsers.

Templates are usually designed to work well on different mobile devices and screen sizes, ensuring a positive user experience.

In addition, templates can be updated and enhanced with new functionalities, which means that the website will always be on the cutting edge.

Finally, using templates can be a cheaper option than designing a website from scratch, which can save time and money in the design process.


On the other hand, a custom site is created from scratch to suit the client’s specific needs and desires, which means it is unique and there is no other like it online.

This allows for greater flexibility and control over the look and functionality of the site, but also requires specialized skills and training to design and program a site from scratch.

Personalized web pages enhance the user experience and lead to higher conversion rates.

In addition, they can be fully scalable, meaning they can adapt and grow with the business as it evolves.

Finally, a customized website often offers a higher level of security, which can help protect customer data and maintain trust in the company.

I will do the free migration from your hosting to mine to avoid future problems that will occur and on my server I can fix any unforeseen issues without waiting for the chinese guy on your other server to answer.

I would do the free migration of both the hosting and the domain to our server.

Yes, each client has his own user panel with his hosting and domain credentials.

And at the same time I have the facility to manage the entire server for proper daily maintenance.

In hosting maintenance we do the following:

  • You focus on your business and I do the technical part so you do not waste your time on complicated things.
  • Migration of your server and domain to ours in 3 days or less to have everything centralized and avoid losing your connection or slowing down your website.
  • Installation, configuration, maintenance of WordPress and avoid vulnerabilities
  • Solve problems before they appear
    SSL site security (green padlock), at the same time your users will see that your website is safe and secure
    30% faster web speed to load your website even on slower Internet connections such as airport connections
  • American server for fast loading websites, because American servers are slower and the connection is lost.
  • Take care of your files to make sure they are safe
  • Anti-hackers
  • Daily backups in case you delete any important data from your website
  • Your personalized email with your website name, example: your website is called “Arreglo Muebles .com”, your email would be “mario @ arreglo muebles .com”.
  • Periodic review to avoid future scares
  • Disaster and emergency recovery of your website
  • Technical support by email 24/7 in English

In web maintenance we do the following:

  • Updating WordPress
  • Updating Plugins of your website
  • Updating paid licenses of official software within your website
  • Daily backups
  • Anti-hacker protection
  • Minor changes such as tweaks, color changes and minor improvements, without compromising the design of the website (one change per month).
  • If you wish to make any changes to the design, this will be budgeted separately.
  • Questions, doubts about your web page by email
  • Technical support by email 24/7 in English


Both services are offered together in a package with a monthly or annual payment.

Yes, you will have simple, step-by-step tutorials on how to manage your entire website and how to add new content, as well as a text and video tutorial.