Do you need ongoing support and maintenance to keep your website running smoothly?

Two professionals who contacted me for this Web Maintenance service, were because the developer who made their Website disappeared and they really don’t have the knowledge, nor the time to dedicate to this kind of things.


And other clients that already use this service, came first to get a website with me, if you arrived here for this reason, read here first.

Maintain your brand reputation by keeping your website free of bugs, hackers and viruses.


Bugs and glitches can discourage your visitors and diminish the credibility of your business.


I know this because other professionals who hire me are mainly because someone hacked their website.


And the fact is that more than 31 thousand web pages are attacked and breached every day in the world,


most of them are Chinese and Russians, it seems that they have nothing better to do.


And it is a serious problem because they can steal important information of your business to resell it,


or worse, steal credit card data from your customers and sink your name or reputation.


It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Usually people find me already when they have been robbed, but don’t worry, I can recover some of the information, rarely all of it, and negotiate for you with the hackers.


One way to prevent it is to be able to apply on your website what I explain in this video, click to see.

Or, it is better that you dedicate yourself to your profession and invoice…
All the rest you leave to me, contact me by clicking on the button:

Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay monthly or yearly.




In no case I will perform maintenance below that amount.

Moreover, it may be that your investment is higher depending on what you need.


You have to sign two contracts.

  1. For the hosting and domain, we do the migration.
  2. For the maintenance of the hosting server and website.

I work with two types of maintenance, both are included in the package.

One is the hosting or server where your website files are hosted,

and the other is the maintenance of the website itself.

In hosting maintenance we do the following:

  • You focus on your business and I do the technical part so you do not waste your time on complicated things.
  • Migration of your server and domain to ours in 3 days or less to have everything centralized and avoid losing your connection or slowing down your website.
  • Installation, configuration, maintenance of WordPress and avoid vulnerabilities
  • Solve problems before they appear
    SSL site security (green padlock), at the same time your users will see that your website is safe and secure
    30% faster web speed to load your website even on slower Internet connections such as airport connections
  • American server for fast loading websites, because American servers are slower and the connection is lost.
  • Take care of your files to make sure they are safe
  • Anti-hackers
  • Daily backups in case you delete any important data from your website
  • Your personalized email with your website name, example: your website is called “Arreglo Muebles .com”, your email would be “mario @ arreglo muebles .com”.
  • Periodic review to avoid future scares
  • Disaster and emergency recovery of your website
  • Technical support by email 24/7 in English


In web maintenance we do the following:

  • Updating WordPress
  • Updating Plugins of your website
  • Updating paid licenses of official software within your website
  • Daily backups
  • Anti-hacker protection
  • Minor changes such as tweaks, color changes and minor improvements, without compromising the design of the website (one change per month).
  • If you wish to make any changes to the design, this will be budgeted separately.
  • Questions, doubts about your web page by email
  • Technical support by email 24/7 in English

I will do the migration from your hosting to mine to avoid future problems that will occur and on my server I can fix any unforeseen issues without waiting for the chinese guy on your other server to answer.

I will migrate both the hosting and the domain to our server.

My server is the Hosting service that I offer that besides being secure anti-hackers, is a fast server, I make daily backups and not to repeat the same thing, is in the question above everything I offer.

Yes, each client has his own user panel with his hosting and domain credentials.

And at the same time I have the facility to manage the entire server for proper daily maintenance.